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Skills You Need to Get a Job These Days

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Finding a job today is as difficult as it ever has been. While statistics revealed recently showed that unemployment in the United Kingdom is at its lowest for some time, we still hear plenty of stories in the news about companies having to close branches or factories leaving hundreds of people looking for new positions all because they are trying to “cut costs”.


This, obviously, is down to the difficult economic climate we live in at present and amongst the doom and gloom there is plenty of brightness with lots of new jobs being created when companies decide that they can expand or move their positions to the UK and as such it’s important that you have the particular skills they’re looking for to put you in pole position to land yourself one of the sought after roles.


LinkedIn is a social network used for professional purposes, rather than the typical use of social networks you would expect on Facebook and Twitter where you update friends and followers on what you had for lunch, your thoughts on the game last night and how funny you found the video of a cat falling off a shelf.


Many businesses and specialist recruitment companies like use LinkedIn to find candidates for roles in specific industries (in Lucas Blake’s case this is IT sales for example), and a study from the network revealed the most popular skill categories from the 330 million members signed up in terms of finding jobs for people with the majority based around technology showing the importance of digital skills today.


At the top of the list was statistical analysis and data mining. The ability to interpret data and analyse it to a point where it becomes useful data is becoming as vital as any skill with companies wanting to use the data available to them to inform decisions and investments in both the short and long-term. In-house analysts are able to quickly interpret performance and advise decision makers on whether a particular avenue is the right one to follow or if it should be avoided and when money is tight it pays to make informed decisions rather than going on ‘gut feeling.’


Network security was also in the top five showing how much value companies place on securing their data and files. If you’re able to run and programme systems so that you can prevent online hackers and threats from breaking into the system and stealing important information – which requires significant coding experience – then that is something that increasing numbers of businesses, particularly those in the IT sector and banking for example, are looking for.


In fifth place in the list was search engine optimisation and online marketing. This has become one of the most in-demand skills in recent years as companies look to find new ways of improving their online visibility and reputation. SEO is a form of web development combined with marketing and utilises the likes of online content creation and social media promotion to improve visibility for specific relevant search terms that get entered into search engines like Google. It’s a technical role and also requires some knowledge of online content creation and marketing skills so they are highly transferrable, opening doors to various different levels and styles of the role.

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