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The Considerable Advantages of Pursuing a Part-Time MBA


Many people will tell you that pursuing a graduate degree in business administration is a challenging task — that it will test your scholastic abilities as well as your time management skills, forcing you to adopt an academic lifestyle that allows few distractions. While some students might prefer to pursue their studies in this fashion, it isn’t the only option available. An MBA, especially from one of Canada’s top business schools, will open the door to nearly endless possibilities in the business world, but the time demands of acquiring one need not be equally endless.

Pursuing an MBA takes a great deal of organizational skill and effort, but it doesn’t have to be one’s only responsibility in life. According to John Threlfall, principal lecturer at one of Europe’s top business institutions, there is room in life for both the pursuit of a degree and the continuation of one’s career goals: “For students who are already working, academic study supports the practical work that they are delivering on a daily basis. And those who are looking for a career change needn’t take time off work to gain the relevant qualifications.” In fact, many MBA students already have real-world business experience, or are already gainfully employed; this makes the pursuit of an MBAless about beginning a career in business from scratch, and more about upgrading or improving one’s current position. If you look at the basic statistics for 2012, you’ll see that, for MBA applicants around the world, 50.5% were focusing on building professional networks, while 57.7% were preparing for leadership positions within their current career; 60.5%, meanwhile, were learning new skills, and a whopping 65.4% were focused on improving prospects in their current career.

Studying part-time to gain an MBA has more benefits than one might think, Studying for your degree in this way becomes less of a juggling act and more of a flexible addition to work and/or family commitments. Here are five reasons to consider enrolling in anpart-time MBA program.


The ability to balance one’s schedule is an attractive benefit of part time studies, and it allows for compartmentalization of responsibilities. Attending classes during the evenings and weekends, while continuing a career during the week, is an extremely attractive option because most MBA candidates are looking to upgrade or improve upon a pre-existing position in a company. The part-time MBA allows a person to maintain the very career they are improving through graduate studies.

The ability to earn money and not accumulate debt is another distinct advantage to a part time program. Working while you study allows you to avoid borrowing from the government or family members, or falling into debt with a bank through an impossible-to-manage line of credit. Instead of taking out a loan, students can pay for their tuition and other expenses from their earnings, eliminating the dangers of a hefty debt and the interest rates that come with them after graduation. In fact, a number of employers may be willing to fund your studies in whole or in part — especially if you continue to work while you pursue your degree.

Progressing in one’s career is never a poor choice, and by enrolling in a part-time degree while continuing to work, you will boost your employment prospects and your salary. Employers see the combination of work and part time studies as evidence of solid time-management skills and a positive work ethic. Furthermore, you increase the chances of climbing the rungs at your present company because you are showing dedication and loyalty by not quitting your job in order to go back to school.

Networking opportunities are an essential part of progressing in the business world.Pursuing an MBA part time allows you to mingle more freely with colleagues and alumni thanks to the flexibility of your schedule. Attending a business school with a metropolitan campus only adds to your field of opportunity. With a campus located in downtown Toronto, attending a post-secondary university such as Wilfrid Laurier will allow you access to the highest concentration of Canadian business executives in Canada. By studying in Toronto — one of the world’s most prominent business capitals — you’ll have access to a social life minutes away from Bay Street. Attending business school at a metropolitan campus will allow you to make more immediate and meaningful connections.

Pursuing an MBA degree while balancing yourother responsibilities in life has never been easier, and there are many options out there to suit any busy lifestyle. The part-time MBA Program at Wilfrid Laurier University is one such option, and with campuses in Waterloo and Toronto, it’s more convenient than ever to attend. If you are interested in earning an MBA part-time at a metropolitan campus in a city famous for finance, the opportunity is just a click away.

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