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The struggle of delivering humanitarian aid to war-torn countries

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Humanitarian aid can make the difference between life and death for vulnerable people around the world who are affected by anything from natural disasters to conflict and political unrest. However, getting help to those who need it most can be extremely difficult, and this is particularly the case in war-torn countries where ongoing violence threatens aid workers and disrupts supply lines.

Syria: a case in point

Ravaged by civil war for six years, Syria is one of the most challenging places in which to provide humanitarian aid – yet as UK-based charity Human Appeal highlights, over 13 million people in the country are in desperate need of this assistance. The non-profit, which used to be known as Human Appeal International, notes that more than six million people have been displaced within Syria and 4.7 million are thought to be trapped in hard to reach or besieged areas. There are chronic food shortages and a lack of healthcare services in many parts of the country, and a considerable number of those who have fled their homes are lacking safe shelter.

Ongoing fighting and insecurity is frustrating the efforts of aid charities, preventing them from reaching certain areas and providing as much help as they wish to.

Charities doing their best

Despite the difficult conditions in Syria and other parts of the world hit by conflict, charities continue to do important work providing men, women and children with vital resources. For example, Human Appeal is running a number of projects across Syria, including a major flour distribution initiative that is helping to feed 200,000 people each month. It is also offering healthcare, water and sanitation services and providing shelter to communities across the country. The organisation has over 200 workers and 70 volunteers based inside Syria helping it to coordinate these projects.

How to play your part

If you feel inspired by these initiatives and want to help Human Appeal and other charities that are offering people life-saving aid in war-torn countries, there are various things you can do. Perhaps you want to donate a one-off sum of money or commit to making regular financial contributions to your chosen cause, or maybe you’d like to get involved in fundraisers.

Another way to play your part is to promote the causes you care about by posting about them on social media and discussing them with your friends and family. This can encourage many more people to support this essential work.


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