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What You Need to Know about the Main Advantages of Photocopier Leasing


When you are running a business, every little expense counts. You have to account for all your purchases and expenses and make sure that they are completely justified – and that they don’t affect your profits in the short- and long-term. But amongst all the different expenditures and purchases you have, there are some that can benefit from an alternative solution. We’re talking here about leasing.

Leasing office equipment such as printers and photocopiers has become a handy option for many businesses today simply because it is more affordable and it allows businesses to have a lot more cash flow. Buying a photocopier or two can be a hefty investment, because not only do you have to think about the actual cost of the machine – you also have to think about its maintenance and repair, when necessary. Do you need photocopiers for your business? Here’s what you need to know about the main advantages of photocopier leasing.

Save your capital

If you are a small business, you know very well how important it is to have the funds you need for operational and emergency expenses. If you are planning to expand or explore other profit-making avenues, then you need financial resources. As a business, it makes more sense to invest in purchases which can actually appreciate (rather than depreciate) as time goes by. By leasing photocopiers, you can free up your funds and use them for other purposes – purposes that can grow and expand your business.

Improve your budgeting

When you lease photocopiers, you can actually improve your budgeting as an enterprise. How so? The answer is simple: rather than making a single big payment when you buy a photocopier, you are making a series of smaller payments, which then allow you to arrange your budget and finances in an easier way. With photocopier leasing services such as that provided by photocopier leasing Newbury specialists like CRS Document Solutions, you may even be able to arrange your lease’s terms and conditions so you can have more flexibility. In the end, you can budget better and fix your financial needs in a more organised manner.

Access to more advanced technology

Photocopier leasing also allows you to have access to more advanced technology when you need it. If you simply buy your photocopiers, they will depreciate and will be less advanced over time, especially since newer and better models are constantly being introduced. If you want better technology, you’d have to buy a new photocopier. But with leasing, you have the option of upgrading your photocopiers at set periods, so your business can benefit from the latest technology without an exorbitant outlay – and your efficiency and productivity will improve as well.


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